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An all-round successful project by wallPen®

The "Sparkasse Bad Marienberg" approached wallPen GmbH, developer and manufacturer of the innovative printing system, with the order to present the diversity of the "Westerwald Sieg Region" in the new building of the Sparkasse headquarters. 
65 square meters of wall surface and various prints on mobile walls and glass surfaces were printed with 14 different graphics and collages. The result was a complete guidance system for the building in the corporate design of the Sparkasse. The exact red (HKS13) of the Sparkasse could also be reproduced in CMYK with the finely adjustable print heads. The red is an unmistakable recognition feature of the Sparkasse's corporate design and must be uniform throughout Germany.  

The innovative wall printing technique was used for reasons of flexibility. The large-area design collages would not have been possible with classic photo wallpaper or foils. In the end, the result was a uniform print image, regardless of the substrate, because the wallPen® can also compensate for wall unevenness of up to 10cm using integrated laser technology. 
Not only in terms of design and look do wallpapers and foils quickly reach their limits - these design tools are also far inferior to wall printing technology when it comes to sustainability. Foils and wallpaper leave behind a pile of garbage after application, whereas the wallPen® leaves behind astonished faces instead of mountains of garbage.

Walls full of stories
Creative storytelling meets state-of-the-art building technology with a feel-good atmosphere - welcome to the new headquarters of Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg. A new office and administration building in timeless elegant architecture in which the wall concept is harmoniously integrated. Modern, innovative, sustainable and extraordinary are the keywords that aptly describe the wall printing technique. 
Matthias Schütz, Head of Facility Management, agrees: "We are very pleased with this extraordinary result. The wall prints are the icing on the cake of the building renovation. Finishing the walls with the high-quality prints means that people no longer lean against the walls and get dirty. Simply brilliant!"