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The wallPen® E2

Discover the (r)evolution of wall design!

wallPen E2
1. The wallPen® axis system: patented several times and unique worldwide.

The vertical axis is divided into three segments (á70cm).Prints up to 4m are possible.

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2. Set up in 5 minutes

The wallPen E2 can be easily transported in 6 transport bags (included with purchase) and is set up in 5 minutes.

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3. The brain of the wallPen E2

The print head unit supports up to five printheads. An integrated laser permanently measures the distance to the wall. This enables the print head to compensate unevenness in walls of up to 10 cm. 

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4. wallPen ink

The UV ink, specially manufactured in Europe, is cured within milliseconds and is scratch-resistant. The ink consumption for a wall print is between 2 and 6 ml per square meter, depending on the size.

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5. Self-driven and steerable

The rear axle of the wallPen is driven, while the front wheels are steerable, allowing the printer to move precisely along the wall.

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6. The optional rail system

The optionally available rail system makes it possible to compensate unevenness in floors.

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The new gold standard for wall printing. Wall printing quality redefined

Icon Druckvolumen

16 sqm maximum print volume per hour

Icon variable size

Variable size of ink drops

Icon high printing

Print height up to 3.50m

Icon printing colors

White printing with fifth print head soon optionally possible

Icon maximum print resolution

Maximum print resolution of 1200 dpi

Icon true color

True-color wall prints in the CMYK color spectrum

Icon limitless width

Wall prints in unlimited width

Icon instant ink-drying

Instant ink drying through UV LED technology


Innovative and groundbreaking - also in terms of nature.

Wall printing is an innovative way of wall design and also a signpost to the future in terms of environmental protection. 

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    Vegan Ink

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    No waste

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    Free from solvents and thinner

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    No production of pressure screens 

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    Transportable in a car

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    Easy reproducible

wallPen OS

The software of the wallPen E2

The tablet supplied by purchasing automatically connects to the wallPen E2's WLAN network and starts the interface. This allows the preview of the print motif with details such as size, ink consumption and printing time. Also the progress of the printing process is tracked.

wallPen OS

All highlights summarized

360° business package

marketing support, technical support, on-device training

Highest quality:

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Good for the environment:

Vegan ink, scratch-, water-resistant and cured immediately after printing

Fast and easy:

murals in unlimited width and up to 4m height, transportable in 6  transport bags and set up in 5 minutes

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wallPen E2 - the "all-in-one" businesssolution

wallPen Bundle

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International sales
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Printing process
Printing Technology Piezoelectric DOD (Drop On Demand) Inkjet Technology
Ink Type Special purpose UV ink, 395nm curable
Printhead Manufacturer Ricoh
Print Head Type GH2220
Dropsize 21pl (optional: variable drop size 3,5 pl, 7 pl and 14 pl)
Image width Unlimited
Image heigth max. 350 cm
Correction of wall unevenness up to 10 cm
Printing Resolution
Color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, (5th color optional)
Horizontal Printing Resolution 300, 600 and 1200 DPI selectable
Vertical Printing Resolution 300, 600, 720, 800, 1000, 1200 DPI
Printing speed 2 - 16qm per hour