Freelance Creative Director

The best in each of us is the belief that anything is possible." Jim Lovell - Commander of Apollo 13

Be invisible or read minds / Be invisible for a day and just chill in peace.

If you could be a movie character, which one would it be? / Pumuckl - My big role model for not taking life too seriously and always keeping a childlike naivety and above all asking a lot. Who does not ask remains stupid ;-)

Describe wallPen in three words / The corporate culture of wallPen is certainly unique here in the region, absolutely challenging because you have no prefabricated path or templates. You have to find your own way even if you have to go the extra mile sometimes. 

What do you like most about your work at wallPen?  / The forging ahead and inventing your own job. Lots of freedom to just push cool things forward. Can't do it, doesn't exist in the store. I just think it's cool what you can achieve in a motivated team. Life is too short to do boring jobs.  

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