Application engineer

“Life is too short for a bad coffee”

  1. Being invisible or reading minds? / The answer is not that simple..I still have some questions: Would only I become invisible, or also my clothes that I wear? If the clothes become invisible with, how far does that extend? Does this also apply to backpacks and bags, or Everything I touch? What about the car I'm sitting in? Other people? When reading thoughts, can I decide whose thoughts I am reading/hearing? Do I always read or hear everyone's thoughts? Within what radius? Also, are thoughts translated directly into a language I can speak? Both sound cool, but I also think that both are quite exhausting in the long run, if you are constantly bumped into in the pedestrian zone, or it is difficult to fall asleep because everyone around you is thinking so loudly... If I had to decide, I would probably still take "reading thoughts", with that I could probably do more useful things than with invisibility.
  2. If you could be a movie character, which one would it be? / Tony Stark. He has the ability to change the world and, even without his suit, he's an ingenious engineer/scientist who knows how to help himself in any situation. He is the combination of my childhood heroes MacGyver and Darkwing Duck.
  3. Describe wallPen in three words. / Unique. Ingenious. Unconventional.
  4. What do you like best about your work at wallPen? / Definitely the people I deal with every day! Followed by the working atmosphere and the fact to unleash a truly unique product with so many possibilities on the world.

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