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State-of-the-art technology meets German cultural history  

Design Richard Wagner Museum

Wall design of the new exhibition "Volkswagner" with wallPen®.

What do the film "Django Unchained," heavy metal music and French processed cheese have in common with the wallPen®? 
The Richard Wagner Museum explores this question in the special exhibition "VolksWagner. Popularization - Appropriation - Kitsch".  The exhibition shows the work of the German musician and writer Richard Wagner in the 19th century. 
Richard Wagner is everywhere - in advertising, in comics, in computer games, in film and even in outer space. And this time, where there's Wagner, there's wallPen®. 
With our vertical wall printer, we printed the walls of the exhibition with combinations of text blocks and photos, maps, newspaper clippings from old archives.
A total of 42 square meters were designed by our wallPen® for the special exhibition and the result is absolutely impressive. 
Whether pin sharp texts or old washed out newspaper clippings - the wallPen® brought all graphics in 1A quality on the wall. 
How would it have been possible to display the motifs any other way? Not at all! We claim - only wallPen can work so precisely, easily and quickly.

By the way: The Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth is one of the most significant places of German cultural history.

Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth
Sharp typography combined with graphics, partly old material from an archive.
wallPen GmbH
Richard Wagner Museum

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