Get to know us! Of course, the wallPen is only as good as the people behind it. A product lives from the ambition and enthusiasm of a strong and motivated team. That's why we would like to briefly introduce you to the most influential people behind the wallPen...


Andreas Schmidt

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 11

Andreas (born 1967) is the founder and sole owner of wallPen. Today he is mainly involved in research and development of wall printing technology.

For almost 25 years, he worked independently in sales, programming and presentation of 3D CAD/CAM software in the tool and machine building, aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive industries. This know-how is a decisive factor for the further development of the wallPen.



Fabio Vogt

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 18

Fabio answers inquiries from customers and interested parties worldwide and always has an open ear for suggestions and new ideas. He is also the perfect contact for all general questions about the wallPen.


Lennart Graics

+49 [0] 2682. 96400 . 30

As head of national sales, Lennart answers all inquiries from customers and interested parties from German-speaking countries and always has an open ear for all upcoming questions and suggestions.


Julian Schmidt

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 31

Julian is currently completing a dual business administration course at wallPen, specializing in sales/marketing. He is available to our prospects and customers with advice and support.


Tim Lehel

+49 [0] 2682. 96400 . 17

Tim comes from the audio and music industry and has a soft spot for technology. His constant good humor, diligence and commitment to finding solutions for customers quickly are the perfect combination when dealing with our helpdesk and a guarantee for outstanding customer service.


Annette Widder

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 10

Annette, with her everlasting good mood, is the good soul of wallPen and responsible for financial accounting, shipping and logistics.


Jonah Schmitz

+49 [0] 2682 . 96400 . 19

Jonah is a trained mechtronics engineer, a competent practitioner and carries out especially demanding and larger printing projects at customer sites. With his experience and calm manner, he is - besides Tim - also responsible for customer service and training our customers with the wallPen.


Valentin Herfel

+49 [0] 2682 . 96400 . 15

Parallel to his studies in graphic and video design, Valentin accompanies us in our wall printing projects and creates professional video content. Furthermore, he supports our marketing to make the wallPen and the technology of wall printing even more popular.


Jan Gotthardt

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 22

As a trained mechanical engineer, Jan is responsible for organizing the mechanical assembly of our machines. He procures materials, ensures that delivery deadlines are met and checks the quality of each piece of equipment before delivery.
Jan is an experienced technician and his conscientious, reliable and precise way of working is highly appreciated by our customers and partners.


Tobias Weller

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 21

Tobi is a trained mechatronics engineer and is responsible for production as well as procurement of materials and meeting delivery deadlines. With his knowledge and experience, he ensures that the entire circuitry, as well as the wiring, functions smoothly and always has an open ear for customers, suppliers and colleagues.


Leon Rische

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 0

After his studies of theoretical computer science Leon is working significantly on the development of our wallPen Control Software and is generally responsible for the further development of our software.


Niklas Kunz

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 0

Niklas is responsible for the development and programming of our own wallPen RIP software and generally works on the further development of our software. 


Ramazan Köprülü

+49 [0] 2682 . 96 400 . 0

As a computer scientist, Ramazan is a proven expert in the development of our complete printing electronics. Ramazan is a man of the first hour and wallPen would not have been conceivable without him and his expertise.