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Wall printing without limits!

Uneven wallpaper and sterile laboratory walls. The wallPen® is unstoppable.

In the Food Lab of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), a modern illustration was created in cooperation with the two designers Chiara Schievenin and Jennifer Destefanis from Nestlé, which offers the students new ideas and an attractive environment for the creative exchange of ideas.

The challenge: the surface printed there consists of an uneven wallpaper, which meant that conventional design methods would not have been able to meet the designers' high-quality standards. The excellent support and the best quality made it the technique that best suited the needs of the two designers.

Chiara Schevenin and Jennifer Destefanis are more than satisfied with the printed result of their design in the TUHH lab: "We are thrilled and very satisfied with the quality, the excellent service and the implementation of wallPen. The final printed result represents exactly what we wanted to achieve together at the beginning of the project."

Job Facts:
Printing time: 8 hours
Ink required: 112.8 ml
Square meters: 14.28 m2

Watch the project in the following movie and see for yourself: