Frequently Asked Questions - The Top 10


Here you will find answers to the 10 questions we are most frequently asked. If you still have questions, click here or simply contact us. We are happy to help!


The wallPen costs 39,700 euros* ex works plus taxes and transport.


Included in this price are:

  • the actual device
  • a vertical axis with a height of 1.7 m (5 ft 2″)
  • a 70 cm axis extension to reach a print height of 2.4 m (7 ft 9″)
  • six carrying bags
  • Two days of training and certification for 2 people at the factory in Wissen (Germany) or alternatively as individual online web training
  • a 7″ Android tablet with wallPen app
  • wallPen Processor (RIP) software for Windows and macOS
  • a detailed printed English manual
  • A pair of UV protection glasses
  • various accessories
  • Ink for approximately 1000 sq ft (100 m²) of print area
  • 12 month factory warranty

By the way... At a price per square meter of 229 euros (this is the list price we usually charge our own customers), the machine pays for itself after only 35 hours of operation (machine price divided by 229 euros divided by the average print output of 5 sqm/h). The cost of the ink plays almost no role at only 2 to 6 euros per sqm!


* The stated purchase price is a recommended retail price and may vary depending on currency, country and/or region.

You drive to the customer in your car and carry the six handy transport bags of the wallPen to the place where you want to print. There you assemble the components within just 5 minutes, align the wallPen to the wall, load the image to be printed and start the printing process.


See for yourself....

Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to visit our development and production. We are located just 60 minutes east of Cologne or 90 minutes northwest of Frankfurt. Ask us for an appointment!

Printing height: The vertical axis is extremely flexible as it can be extended in 10 cm increments. The lowest ceiling height for using the wallPen is 1.7 m (5 ft 6" ). After that, the axis can optionally be extended up to 4 m (13 ft) print height in 10 cm (4 in) increments.

Print width: unlimited

Due to the limitations of inkjet technology, there are margins in corners to adjacent walls, floor and ceiling. These are 6 cm (2.3″) on the left, 10 cm (3.3″) on the right, 25 cm (9.8″) on the top, and 25 cm (9.8″) on the bottom.

You can print virtually any graphic, sketch, image, logo or text!

So AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP files are generally no problem! With a graphics software such as "Photoshop", "Gimp" or "Affinity Photo", your motifs can be quickly and very easily prepared for printing under Windows or MacOS.

Even very small texts and colored logos next to and on doors and in hallways are possible. So the device is also an ideal signage solution for companies, schools or in hospitals, hotels, museums and many other facilities.

Even paper artwork is perfectly printable! With a simple flatbed scanner, we have already achieved fantastic results by scanning at the highest resolution. Processing and printing old originals, maps, drawings, postcards, sketches, photos or paintings work perfectly and the results are absolutely impressive. So it's just a few clicks from any paper artwork to oversized artwork on wall!

Unfortunately it is not possible to rent the wallPen®.

Yes, there is a leveling system in the rear axis that compensates for surface unevenness in the floor. In addition, laser sensors are installed that detect wall unevenness of up to 10cm (3.3") in real time. The print head thus moves continuously and automatically back and forth depending on the wall surface.

We use a very resistant, plastic-like UV ink that hardens immediately under the integrated UV curing lamps and can be used on almost all substrates. Thus, plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, latex paints, stone, clinker, plastic, metal, glass, most tiles and many other materials can be printed without any problems.

Even natural stone, clinker or rough plaster can be printed without problems up to a contour depth of approx. 10 mm.

The speed is - depending on the selected quality and resolution - between about 2 and almost 16 sqm per hour.

Of course! On glass with a ceramic hob scraper or razor blade. Otherwise, a print can always be painted over in two or three layers. Only on wood must be sanded or - as with metal or concrete - sandblasting or glass bead blasting.

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